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IBBY/REFORMA Children in Crisis Project for Refugee Children on the U.S. Southern Border

The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY), USBBY, IBBY Mexico, and REFORMA, the American Library Association and the Texas Library Association call on the US Government and the bodies responsible for the care of unaccompanied refugee children and families while they are detained in facilities and as they are released to allow them access to appropriate books, to have contact with Spanish-speaking librarians who are trained in using books as therapeutic agents, and to ensure that their well-being is monitored as they are processed through the system. Books and reading saves lives and give traumatized children a chance to become whole, contributing citizens as they grow up.

Children who are readers have better life long outcomes. Strong public libraries, access to appropriate materials, and a strong culture of reading promotion in communities help children everywhere live better lives. Poor children and those from ethnic minorities often lack access to this support, even in countries as wealthy and stable as the United States. And refugee children and those whose societies are destroyed by conflict and post-conflict situations have almost no chance to thrive and grow. This is not only deeply unjust, it is unacceptable. We can change this situation. We are calling everyone to join us to give these children who are suffering the chance they deserve to live good, positive lives.

Excerpts from an IBBY Press Release, August 2015. For more information on the REFORMA's Children in Crisis Project, visit

IBBY, USBBY, IBBY Mexico, and REFORMA are mounting a drive to raise funds for this critical Children In Crisis Project! Funds will pay for books and writing materials and other supplies to be placed in detention and other centers where children are awaiting processing. To donate, follow the process outlined above. Please indicate that the donation is to go to Children in Crisis: Border Refugee Children.