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Donations and Special Funds

General Donations to USBBY
General donations to USBBY go into the working budget. These funds assist the organization in paying for operational expenses such as committee work, promotion and publicity, and general supplies and mailings. When donating to USBBY, you can also specify a particular fund if you wish (see below for details).

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Special Funds

The International Youth Library, Munich:
The Internationale Jugendbibliothek was founded by Jella Lepman prior to the founding of IBBY, and the two are considered "sister organizations." The International Youth Library is the world's largest library for international children's and youth literature. Founded in 1949, it has grown to become the internationally recognized centre for children's and youth literature. Their work is guided by the conviction that children's and young adult books are an essential part of the cultural life of a society and of a country, and as such must be preserved, documented and shared. We particularly care about the promotion of international cultural exchange and the cultural education of children and young adults. In 2011, USBBY contributed to sending the Lawrence R. Sipe Collection so researchers around the world would have access to this scholarly private collection.

Hands Across the Sea Donations
Hands Across the Sea donations are used to help underfunded national sections in IBBY pay their annual dues. Donations to this fund help USBBY´s twinning partners—Haiti, Lebanon, Palestine, South Africa, and Zambia—with their dues payment. For more information about our twinning partners, see the IBBY Partners and Friends section.

IBBY Children in Crisis Fund
The Children in Crisis Fund provides support for children whose lives have been disrupted through war, civil disorder or natural disaster. The two main activities are the therapeutic use of books and storytelling, and the creation or replacement of collections of selected books in the local language. The program is not only meant to provide immediate support and help, but also to make a long term impact in the communities, thus supporting IBBY´s goal of giving every child the Right to Become a Reader. For more information, go to the IBBY website.

Syrian Refugee Children in Lebanon Need Our Help!

Dear USBBY Friends:

We recently received an email from our twinning partner, Julinda Abu Nasr, IBBY Lebanon, regarding the dire plight of Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, as follows:

Warm greetings from Lebanon. Poor Lebanon! We go from one crisis into another. We have about one million Syrians in this small Lebanon in adddition to one million Palestinians. The majority of Syrian refugees in the country are families with children and women who live under very hard conditions. We have had a relatively cold winter and many of them had no decent shelter to live in. UN agencies, Red Cross, the church, NGOs are all helping as much as possible to provide the minimum basic needs. Wealthy Arab countries promise to send help but very little has come in so far according to reports we get.

IBBY Lebanon is cooperating with other organizations, including IBBY, to provide books along with bibliotherapy for these unfortunate children through a project called Behavior Management of Traumatized Syrian Children that will include introducing socially accepted behavior through the use of exercises, story books, drama, conversation and art that will help them cope with their anxiety and fears.

USBBY is launching a Children in Crisis fund drive through members´ and friends´ donations to support this project that will make a real difference in the lives of these children. Our goal is to try to raise $15,000 during the coming months. This money will provide ten books per group for 100 groups of children.

In past Children in Crisis campaigns, USBBY has been in the forefront of raising money for children in Palestine, Pakistan, Haiti, Chile, and Japan. We hope that we can once again respond to this most current crisis. You can donate by going to the USBBY website, www.usbby.org, Make a Donation Today, on the homepage. Donations can be made by check or by credit card through PayPal.

Thank you very much in advance for your support of this effort!

Kathy East, USBBY President
Ellis Vance, USBBY Executive Director

IBBY appeal for the children refugees from Syria living in Lebanon 2013

Dear Friends

The news that is coming from Syria is shocking, tragic and terribly sad. Refugees are pouring over the borders in their thousands and by the beginning of September there were estimated to be 723,000 refugees in Lebanon – for a country with a population of just under 4 million people that is a lot of extra people to cope with. By the end of this year the number of Syrian children refugees is expected to reach half a million in Lebanon.

Aid for shelter, food and medicines is steadily arriving from international donors, but as we know food and shelter is not enough for the children living through this terrible conflict. IBBY believes that children who are suffering from natural disaster, displacement, war and its aftermath, desperately need books and stories as well as food, shelter, clothing and medicines. These are necessities and are not mutually exclusive.

Aid agencies working with the children have noted that most of them are showing classic symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Even though the children are now hundreds of miles away from the front lines of the war, they are haunted by what they saw and what they lived through The Lebanese Board on Books for Young People (LBBY) is a registered organization that is concerned with the well being of children and the promotion of reading. It has participated in the development and installation of numerous school libraries. It has also addressed the psycho-emotional needs of Lebanese children and young people after the civil war (1975-90) and the 2006 war with Israel through a special programme designed for that purpose. The Nasma Learning and Resource Centre, established by Al Huda society for Social Care, is a registered organization that concentrates on the needs of underprivileged students from public schools with the motto "Give them an Opportunity." Nasma has already worked with displaced Syrian children during the scholastic year 2011-2012 and has succeeded in helping them cope with the challenges they were meeting in their new environment.

Nasma and LBBY are particularly concerned with the thousands of Syrian children that have been arriving in Lebanon looking for refuge from the violence their communities are being exposed to. This state of affairs was no choice of theirs, but they were caught in it and many are suffering its consequences on their physical, social, emotional and academic levels. Together LBBY and Nasma will work to help these children and their families.

Dr Julinda Abu Nasr from the Lebanese American University and Dr John Chimanti from the American University of Beirut designed a project based on research done in Lebanon during the 16-year war, that ended in 1990. This activity is now being proposed for the current situation. The therapeutic programme using books, theatre, and other methods to help children understand their own feelings, express them and recognise those of others was administered to 5,000 children between the ages of 7-14, who were exposed to violence during the war and then the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006. In both situations the results achieved with children proved successful and rewarding.

It was also shown that once the teachers were trained in the techniques presented on the academic or the psycho-social levels, it enhanced their teaching skills and their work with the children continued to improve. It has also a rippling effect since the trainees can teach others the techniques they learn. Please help us to help IBBY Lebanon bring relief to the children caught up in this latest disaster that has struck again at the very people who struggle throughout their normal lives.

All donations are welcome. You can donate through the IBBY website by using a credit card or by making direct transfers using your bank: follow the following link: IBBY Children in Crisis Fund.

Send a donation to IBBY and the IBBY National Section of Lebanon will use it to help these children that are so lost and in need of help.

Keep visiting the IBBY website or IBBY Facebook page to learn the latest news of IBBY's activities around the world.

Thank you, we can make a difference if we all work together.

Liz Page

Executive Director
International Board on Books for Young People
Nonnenweg 12
CH-4003 Basel

Tel: +

Pakistan Relief Efforts
USBBY is accepting donations for a Pakistan Relief Fund, to provide children with books after the devastating floods of 2010. Thanks to donations from USBBY supporters last year, 85 new libraries were assembled for the children of Pakistan.


Haiti Relief Effort
USBBY is accepting donations for a special Children in Crisis Fund for Haiti Relief in response to the January 12, 2010 earthquake disaster. These donations will be sent to IBBY Haiti to help surviving children and their families through books and storytelling and the reconstruction of libraries. Funds are desperately needed to support IBBY Haiti´s work with teachers, librarians and care-givers in using the healing power of story after natural environmental disasters.

USBBY Special Projects Fund
In February 2007, the USBBY Board of Directors approved creating a Special Projects Fund to be used specifically to fund worthy projects, both domestic (U.S.) and foreign (IBBY related projects) that merit USBBY support. Since then, several projects have been funded, including the Lubuto Library Project (2009), the Zimbabwe Website Project (2010), and the Lebanese Library Project (2010). For more information, go to USBBY Special Projects Fund.

Applying for Special Projects Funds
The USBBY Special Projects Committee is currently accepting applications for funding future activities and projects.

Applications are judged on urgency of the need, the quality of the proposed project, short term and long term benefits, and compatibility with IBBY and USBBY´s mission and goals. No more than $4,000 will be awarded annually to any one project.

If you know of worthy domestic or foreign projects that would fit the designated criteria, please submit an application to V. Ellis Vance, Special Projects Fund chairperson. An application and guidelines are available for downloading or can be obtained by contacting Ellis Vance at Executive.Director@usbby.org.

The deadline for application submission is August 1 each year. Project funds will not be available in 2012 and 2013.