USBBY Committee Volunteer Form

If you are interested in serving on a USBBY committee, please complete this form and submit it to Ellis Vance, USBBY Executive Director, or download, fill out and mail the PDF volunteer form.

Committee appointments are usually two years in duration, but vary according to the task of the committee. Most of the work of the committees is completed through email and/or phone conference calls. You must be a member of USBBY to serve on a committee.

Office phone:

USBBY Committee Preferences (Please check areas of interest)

USBBY Outstanding International Books Committee — Two-year appointment. Selects annual list of the best books from other countries published or distributed in the USA during the previous year. Attendance is required at the selection meeting in December. Note: If you are interested in this committee, send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae by December 1.
Bridge to Understanding Award Committee — Two-year appointment. This award is given annually to a program that promotes international understanding among children through books. Solicit nominations, select winner, publicize the award.
Dorothy Briley Memorial Lecturer Selection Committee — Convenes in even years to select the Dorothy Briley Memorial Lecturer, a person from outside the United States who presents a lecture at the biennial IBBY Regional Conference.
Hans Christian Andersen Award Nominating Committee — Two-year appointment. This prestigious award is presented to an author and illustrator of international stature at each biennial IBBY World Congress. Nominate U.S. candidates, prepare dossiers, choose books for biennial IBBY Honor List.
Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award Committee —Two-year appointment. Nominate U.S. candidates for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, given annually by the Swedish government to an author, illustrator, storyteller, or promoter of children’s books.
IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award Committee —Two-year appointment. Recommend a project to be nominated for the award, given biennially to groups or institutions that have made a lasting contribution to reading programs for children and young people.
Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities —Two- or three-year appointment. Select U.S. books for biennial IBBY list and traveling exhibit.
IBBY Regional Conference Program Planning Committee — This committee serves for a two-year term starting in the even year preceding the conference.
IBBY Regional Conference Local Arrangements Committee — This committee works with the Regional Conference Program Planning Committee for a two-year term.
Membership Committee - Two-year appointment. Membership recruitment and retention.
Nominating Committee —One–year appointment. Prepare slate of nominees for annual election to the Board of USBBY.
Publications Committee — Monitors, manages, and coordinates USBBY publications.
Publicity Committee — Two-year appointment. Charged with increasing visibility of USBBY and publicizing USBBY projects.
Special Projects Committee —Two-year appointment. Review submitted applications and recommend projects for Board approval.

Please provide the following information to assist with committee selection:

Number of years that you have been a member of USBBY:

Other organizational affiliations that apply to you (NCTE, IRA, ALA, CBC, CLA, etc.:

Indicate your proficiency at reading, writing, and speaking in language(s) other than English.:

List any USBBY Committtees on which you have served, and dates of service:

List any relevant background experiences for committee assignment (including committee work for other professional organizations):

Thank you for your willingness to serve on a USBBY committee!